Hank Stone Band

Hank, Todd, Mike, and Gary look forward to sharing Hank’s songs and the band’s arrangements with listeners looking for something new yet familiar, challenging yet soothing, clever yet emotional. Every tune is unique but bears the unmistakable Hank Stone Band stamp.

new album coming soon!

We’ve been working hard with Bill Ayasse at Blue Frogg Studios since July of 2015… recording on 12 tracks is done, and we are mixing and mastering now.

Tentative title for this project is:

Painting Tomorrow’s Skies Blue

We are looking forward to sharing it with the world!

here are the songs…


  • Super O – nostalgic Tale of a model railroad
  • Dreamboat – an ode to tarrying in Nature
  • If I Were A Railroad Engine – featuring Gathering Time
  • This Orchard – a secular Spiritual
  • Every Beat Of Our Hearts – upbeat Pop love song
  • The River Says – philosophical Whimsy
  • Rippling Of Rivers – inspired by Thoreau and Crick
  • One Side’s Up – random fate? or Karma?
  • Wartime Bride – hope for Normalcy during conflict
  • Home – realizing you Have what you were searching for
  • You Better Come Clean – somebody Done me wrong
  • Building Community – thanks to Vance Gilbert and NERFA