Hank Stone has been writing songs for over forty years, but only started bringing them out to audiences in 2001. He quickly made a name for himself in the Long Island, New York music scene, and has since recorded two CDs of his original tunes, and is now performing often, as a solo act and also with his band.

Solo, Hank Stone calls to mind the diverse songwriters of the 1960s and 1970s, from Donovan to Paul Simon, Van Morrison to Jackson Browne. Walt Graham, of Acoustic Connections on WSHU in Fairfield, Connecticut, has called Hank “a unique and wonderful songwriter.”

Hank’s two albums are: “Rough Folk” from 2005, and “Until I Saw That Train” from 2012. He has just completed a new set of recordings with his band, expected to be released by the Fall of 2016.

Hank Stone Band features Todd Evans on guitar and resonating guitar, Mike Christian on bass, and Gary Settoducato on drums and percussion, ably backing Hank’s guitar, vocal and harmonica.

Their unique arrangements and versatile playing open up Hank’s clever and touching songs, which encompass Americana, blues, folk, country, and world music flavors.

They have been playing the folk music circuit on Long Island and beyond for several years now.